Monday, 7 October 2013

Monday Menu Planning Link Up

I have been reading Beccis Domestic Bliss for some time now and have decided it is about time to start menu planning again. I can see the benefits in saving money at the supermarket and helping to organise my weekly routine. I have already been following a loose plan based around my Curves Complete recipes and have selected the recipes most suitable for the whole family ie. ones that my sometimes fussy children will eat. In order to make sure I do a menu plan every week I will join in Becci's menu planning Monday link up which I think is a fabulous idea. So here is my very first weekly menu plan post:

Monday           Chicken Enchiladas with salsa and sour cream
Tuesday          Beef tacos
Wednesday      Orange Beef Stir Fry with brown rice
Thursday         Spaghetti Bolognese
Friday              Lemon Pepper Fish and Salad
Saturday          Coconut and Peanut Chicken with quinoa
Sunday            Roast Pork

Because I go to the gym after work Monday - Thursday I usually do my preparation for each meal the night before. So tonight I will make the mince for the tacos as well as the chicken enchiladas. This means I can have dinner on the table by 6.30pm and when you have twin 14yo boys that is really important!
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