Saturday, 26 October 2013

Rainbow Beach

If you ever come to this area you absolutely, positively have to visit Rainbow Beach...and give me a call so that I can come with you. I make an excellent tour guide. I grew up in Northern NSW and frequented many beaches during my holidays, but Rainbow Beach is the most beautiful beach I have seen. Unlike Noosa main beach with its multitude of tourists, and Mooloolaba with its high rise buildings, Rainbow Beach has very little development, and a laid back local feel. I used to work in Rainbow when I lived at Cooloola Cove and the beach never failed to take my breath away.

So, enough of a plug for a place you may never visit. No doubt you have your own favourite beach or place you like to go to chill out when it gets hot. The boys and I had a fun day exploring an area we have not visited for a long time, which is a shame considering it is less than an hours drive away. We have decided to make it a regular visit.

Isn't the lifeguard tower gorgeous? I can picture ladies in floral bloomers and men in long-striped swimsuits strolling past from a bygone era.

I just love Pandanus trees. Their branches reach towards the water, suspended above the ground, and offer welcome shade.

When the kids were little we would sit at Mudlo Rocks (where the 4WD enter the beach) and watch inexperienced tourists get bogged. The boys loved it! Many a vehicle raced the tide and got caught out in the sand, risking being washed out to sea.

It felt a bit weird photographing a toilet block, but the mural is so gorgeous and goes all the way around.

We went for our favourite bush walk up to Carlo Sand Blow. It is a leisurely fifteen minute walk and welcome relief from the hot sun.

This is the sight that awaits you. A huge sand blow and a distant view of Double Island Point across the ocean.

And, of course the ideal spot for a backflip. Yep, definitely getting value out of that gymnastics training.

The boys used to slide down this slope on real estate signs or cardboard boxes when they were little.

Even a piece of driftwood and a stray branch look beautiful against the sand, and shadowed by the sun.

I hope you find the time to get away for the day. Every town has its beautiful locations to enjoy. Where is yours?

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