Sunday, 24 November 2013

Simple Living Sunday 5

Isn't it great to be alive! I just finished a beautiful breakfast of eggs benedict made by my husband, Paul. It rained overnight and is steamy today but the soil will be nice and soft to work with today - I need to do some weeding. So, what did I achieve this week at home and in the garden:

I harvested my magnificent golden squash. We have enjoyed them with our meals this week and I was inspired to make this amazingly yummy chutney to go with my Christmas hampers. Will post the recipe during the week.

I picked these little beauties to make the spiced beetroot and orange chutney I posted in Simple Living Christmas.

The sunflowers have grown really well in the toilet rolls. The roots are hanging out the bottom so they needed planting. Five of them were ready to go.

I planted them with toilet roll intact which was really easy and I did not have to disturb the roots. Will be interesting to see how it goes. The toilet roll was soft from the watering and will eventually break down in the soil.

There is beauty even in wildflowers. Not sure what these are but they pop up in random places and the tiny native bees seem to like them.

I never tire of the beautiful blossoms on my Geisha Girl. I let them grow way too big but they do shield the house from the hot summer sun.

The aloe vera plant I was given at the herb farm has settled in nicely.

This watermelon has grown amazingly quick. It is now the size of a rockmelon so looks like we will have watermelons for Christmas. Yum!

I was happy to see a few more baby watermelons starting off. I just need to get in and pull a bit of grass from around the roots so that it gets plenty of water.

These roma tomatoes have not grown for weeks and finally I have a ripe one to pick. It is only about 4cm long so I am not sure if it was a smaller variety or just did not grow because of the heat or the 'wilt'.

The Lemonade tree is starting to bear fruit again after being cut back. They are a very interesting fruit. They are basically a sweet lemon and make a beautiful juice without having to add sugar.

I did find this big fat caterpillar clinging to one of the branches though. I have removed him and will keep an eye out for more. There is not much else you can do about them and you only ever see a few of them. He is actuallly quite beautiful and reminds me of the very hungry caterpillar from one of my favourite childhood books.

I found this cicada shell whilst planting the sunflowers. This means we will have a noisy summer. It reminds me of growing up back home in northern NSW.

I found this dead bee at the base of my marigolds that died. I usually do not have trouble growing them but this time they did not take off. This bee is large, furry and a beautiful golden colour. From what I could find out he seems to be a teddy bear bee.

I found this great guide to Australian bees online Aussie Bees in Your Area. Isn't he beautiful?

I harvested the seeds from my dead marigolds and scattered them around the front garden. These I will store and also grow a few seedlings. It may be the bore water they reacted to. I am not sure.

Well, there is my weekly recap. I am off to go weeding and to pick more spinach and kale.

Do you grow anything interesting like lemonades? How is your harvest going this week?

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