Sunday, 29 December 2013

Simple Living Sunday 10

The bounty every week is getting less as we are well and truly in the hottest part of the year. The temperature here reached 40 degrees today which is unbearable with our humidity. Thankfully we are just now watching a storm roll in. Hopefully it will bring rain and not hail, although the strong winds could do some damage.

I erected the shade cloth over my rockmelons and squash. It's a little primitive but does the job.

Another Lebanese squash is finally growing. There are so many like the withered one above it. Lack of bees and male flowers have not helped with production.

I picked this large Zucchini today. Thinking a nice mustard pickle tomorrow in my new jars is on the cards.

The poor rockmelons have really suffered with the heat. I have watered, fertilised, covered, topped up the mulch, pinched out leaves...and still they are not growing. It's a waiting game.

Another Patty Pan favourite.

The new cucumbers I planted a few weeks ago in semi shade are growing a little curly.

I planted out my herbs into the garden. Rosemary, Thyme and Parsley...

And herb Robert who was growing too big for his pot. I hope he thrives here.

We are fortunate to have Mothar Mountain Rockpools a few kms up the road. A swim was just what we needed today.

The rockpools stretch right up the mountain but the water is low at the moment.

I made my first batch of preserves. Nectarine, Kiwi Fruit and Mango. They have just come out of the Vacola so the lighter fruit needs time to settle. Will do a post on the Vacola this week.

I couldn't resist sharing this photo of our cat Puddy. She disappears when the other two dogs come to visit and she just popped in through the window last I gave her a welcome feed.

Hope you have had a lovely weekend with your family...and that it hasn't been as hot as here.
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