Friday, 3 January 2014

Cheese Making Kit

I was so excited to receive my Cheese Making Kit it the post today, that I just had to share it with you. It is a late Christmas present bought from Green Living Australia with money my Dad gifted to me. I was very impressed with the presentation and thought it would make a lovely gift for anyone who is a little enterprising in the kitchen. The above image is the front label of the box...

 ...which is made from recycled cardboard and includes a list of contents pasted on the outside, together with a list of common items you will need from your kitchen.

In a separate package and very clearly labelled, were the items requiring refrigeration. Luckily my hubbie was mowing near the front gate and brought the parcel inside as it would have perished in the 40+ degree heat today. I only received notification it was posted yesterday so express post from Gold Coast to here was overnight which is awesome!

The cold pack contains the Rennet tablets and Mesophillic Cultures...heaven knows what they are :)

This is what came inside the box, including cheese wax, brush, thermometer, cheese salt, two sterile specimen jars (interesting), cheesecloth, basket, calcium chloride and...

 ...a very comprehensive instruction book which I cannot wait to get stuck into.

If I lived on the Gold Coast I would love to take advantage of this course. 

This is the product that led me to find the cheesemaking kit - replacement lids so that I can use the jars I have been saving for preserving. With Fowlers jars averaging over $6 each, and mason jars around $3 each, these only cost about 50c each and the glass jars are free. Now that's economical and environmental at the same time. Can't beat that.

The bags of lids each came with a set of preserving instructions and two recipes. Funnily enough the recipes are for salsa and pasta sauce - these two things make up the majority of my empty jars and are high on my list of items to make homemade and preserve. I will certainly try these recipes and there are heaps more on their site.

The funny thing on the left is a jar lifter. It is very tricky to handle boiling hot jars and you don't want to dislodge the lids and risk breaking your seal. The labels are designed to go on the top of the lids.

The jar lifter works like a pair of tongs with rubber rollers that apparently fit every jar. They will be handy because I have been using tea towels at the moment which is risky.

So, there you have it...a very professionally presented cheese making kit. They even supply you with a hotline number if you have any questions..or most likely in my case, problems. I thoroughly recommend checking out the Green Living Australia site, especially if you are stuck for a gift idea. You are sure to find something unusual for that person who has everything.

Will keep you updated on the progress of my cheese making and preserving efforts.

Are you planning to try anything unusual at the moment?

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