Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Fifteen is Freaking Me Out

My twin boys turn 15 on Saturday and it is freaking me out. Not because it makes me feel old that my babies are definitely no longer babies (although that does freak me out too). No, what freaks me out is the whole hormones and girls thing. You see they both have new girlfriends, which is fine, but it is no longer the holding hands, hang out with your mate (who happens to be female) type of girlfriends anymore.

No, they are full on in love and images like these are popping up on my Facebook feed all the time. They are already out there for the world to see, so I don't mind sharing them here...but I must admit it feels really weird seeing photos of your boys kissing girls. It's really wrong of me but I know I didn't feel like this when the same thing happened to my daughter Lauren, also at the age of 15. And why didn't I? It shouldn't make any difference whether it's my son or daughter should it?

Lauren even created an art series based on her love for Jacko, whom she grew up with from the age of 15 to 18. I was actually really happy when she started dating because Jacko grounded her, curbed her wild streak and ended the semi-emo look thing she had been toying with at high school. He was a blessing, and when it came time for their relationship to go to the next step (which took a couple of years thank god), that is...yes...ick...sex, then we talked about it first and ensured she was on the pill.

With boys I think it is way more scary...at least it is for me, because I can't control it. I can't ensure the girlfriend is on the pill, I can't tell her to wait until she is older. I can have the conversation with my boys, which don't worry we already have, and phew they are not anywhere near that stage yet, but one day it's going to happen and I just hope when it does, that some angry Mum or Dad doesn't come knocking on my door with a shotgun.

I miss the cheeky little monkeys they were, and am freaked out that my boys are becoming mini men, especially when I recall being fifteen myself. Was I a great kid, never lying to my parents, always behaving, never stepping out of line? Hell no! My first boyfriend at 15 was a high school dropout who hung around at the pinball parlour all day, was on the dole and rode a motorbike...man my Dad was so unimpressed when I brought him home!

So, I have met both the girlfriends and they seem really nice, and on Saturday when the boys turn fifteen, they will be welcomed into my home...and I have a strong feeling it will be the start of a new era or phase for our household. With Lauren's boyfriend staying most weekends as he visits from Brisbane, and the boys hanging with their girls (daytime only haha) there will never be a dull moment.

Have you had issues with your kids turning fifteen or dating for the first time?
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