Sunday, 5 January 2014

Simple Living Sunday 11

Well, what a week it has been at the farm. Sadly it's my last week of holidays and I start back at work tomorrow. It feels a bit surreal, knowing that I will have to let go of my homemaking endeavours and go back to wearing heels and makeup. The shining light at the end of the tunnel is a four night cruise we have planned for the 28th January. I just need to get through the next three weeks and then I get to spend some quality time with my beautiful husband...we really need it. Fingers crossed the weather will permit us to go.

This was yesterday afternoon on our verandah. What a scorcher! Today has been very humid and there are severe storms predicted this week...with some cooler weather thank goodness.

This is our one and only beautiful rockmelon. I don't think the others will survive but you never know. It is beautifully sweet and darker in colour than what you buy in the it has very little rind.

I set off early to the markets this morning and came home with an interesting selection of vegetables. I couldn't resist the purple carrots which I was told are excellent for juicing. Looking forward to trying them out. The tray of peeled garlic was also appealing (and only $2). The stall owner advised storing them long term in jars of oil in the fridge.

This was the main thing I went to market for. Five kilos of beautiful fleshy farm fresh tomatoes. A steal at $3 per kilo.

A few hours later and own homemade pasta sauce. I used Green Living Australia's recipe (with the addition of garlic) and it made seven jars of sauce. Will post the details later this week.

I sorted, cleaned and removed sticky labels from my assorted collection of jars...and matched them with new lids.

I cleaned out a drawer specifically for all my new preserving bits and bobs.

I was pleased to see this plant blooming again this week. I had to cut it right back as the leaves rotted after the floods. Not sure what it is called but I love the colours.

This is now the third generation of bok choi from the one root. I just keep cutting it off and it grows again.

This passionfruit has just sprung up in the front garden. I think I will leave it there and train it around the front verandah posts, rather than trying to relocate it.

I have some nice little roma tomatoes coming along in the shaded side garden...and can't avoid the wilt.

The grosse lisse tomatoes are doing well despite the heat, and the plants are huge.

My curled up cucumbers are now shaping into balls...what next?

A beautiful bottle blush bloom adding some welcome colour to the garden. Hopefully the bees like them.

I hope you have had a wonderful week at your place. How is your garden going in this heatwave?

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