Monday, 27 January 2014

Simple Living Sunday 14

We managed to salvage another watermelon this week, so our vine only produced two but its better than we have done any other year. If there had been more rainfall we would have had more. I think this will be the final patty pan squash too. I am amazed the squash have still been producing. This one will make a lovely chutney tomorrow...and the cherry tomatoes will be made into relish Cherry Tomato Relish.

This is the yoghurt I started last Sunday. It sat on the bench all day, wrapped in tea towels and then I put it in the oven (warmed and then switched off) overnight. This was made from skim milk and filled three pasta sauce jars using Rhonda's recipe from Down to Earth - yoghurt.

I was so impressed with the result and will never buy yoghurt again. It was so easy to make and is beautiful and thick and creamy. Over a kilo of yoghurt cost about $3. I have been experimenting with flavouring and sweeteners for the kids. I like it plain on fruit but I add a little grated palm sugar for the kids.

We finally have a few mature pumpkins, despite the heat and lack of water here. This one is now the size of a large has tripled its size in a week.

The passionfruit around the gumtree garden is getting really leafy again so it looks like we will have another bumper year of passionfruit.

This is our main source of water at the moment...our bore. The pump has just been in for a service and is running well but there may not be copious amounts of underground water because we are not pumping what we used to...hope we get some rain soon. This time last year we were cursing the rain :)

I am still getting a few tomatoes. They are the only thing I am watering besides the pumpkins now.

The ponytail palm has come back after the floods and frost and is looking really healthy.

I made more tomato relish with the cherry tomatoes...more lined up to make today.

I cleaned out and decluttered the pantry. It's great when you can see everything that is there. My preserves are still in hibernation from the heat.

I finally put together a home journal, collating all the recipes I had printed, gardening articles, preserves information, household cleaners etc. I also incorporated some handy planning lists from the Simple Living Forum. I downloaded the 2013 home journal - not sure if there is a 2014 one yet.

I chose to collate it all into a binder, for ease of use. I think I will start a separate one for gardening.

Paul brought home some figs that were a little soft for preserving whole so I made my very first jam - fig jam! I am not a big fan of jam but Paul loves it. It was just the figs, honey, sugar, lemon and a spoonful of pectin. Easy peasy!

So there you have my weekly wrap up. Today I will be using the public holiday to cook ahead for the kids meals for the week...and to pack my suitcase of course! Tomorrow we set sail for the Whitsundays for four nights...just my wonderful husband and I. Bliss.

What has been going on at your place this week?
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