Friday, 25 April 2014

A-Z Simple Living: V = Variety

The key for me, with embarking on a course towards simple living, is to embrace a variety of different tasks. I usually set aside certain days for the longer tasks, and make lists on the weekend of things I want to make or do during the week and the following weekend, to ensure that I am on track with my goals and that I have the right ingredients or components for my projects. I am also easily bored or side-tracked so I need the variety to keep me going. The best way I can explain this is to share some of the things I have done this week, whilst on holidays.

I spent a day making three home-made soups, using stock I made from scratch. This is the beef one.

I planted a grape vine to climb up to our upstairs verandah and create a nice attractive canopy for downstairs...hopefully one day anyway :)

I got sick of covering my dining table with vinyl tablecloths that the pattern wears off after a while...

So I painted it with some spare gloss paint I had hanging around!

We had another close call with mother nature and checked out the creek...which did not go over.

I marvelled at the wonder of our beautiful green lawns.

I finally identified my mystery garden funghi - it is commonly called Birds Nest Funghi and is not harmful to my soil. Some say it is actually beneficial.

I made some pumpkin muffins with some of our leftover pumpkin... well as a pumpkin loaf.

I attempted hot cross buns which turned out more like rolls...but the kids ate them anyway.

We lit a huge bonfire while all the kids were over.

I stopped to photograph these Kangaroos which were watching us from the side of the road one day.

I went to an amazing Permaculture Garden as part of the Noosa Permaculture Group...

....and learnt so so much about how to garden using all of the elements in harmony with one another.

I proudly took a tray of pumpkin bread made with my own pumpkins and smeared with my home-made cream cheese, to our Easter lunch at the in-laws.

I made my first hard cheese. This is the beginning of a cheddar which should be ready in about 4 weeks.

I made Ricotta from the leftover whey.

This is my Chilli jam, made from chillies I was given.

I prepared frozen meals for my lunches when I go back to work next week...yucky thought :)

I planted out my seedlings...

...and prepared all my garden beds for more.

I even rearranged the verandah by moving my herbs under cover.

So, this is just a snapshot of a week of my simple living life. It's not all about doing things all the time, I did relax and spent quality time with my kids and family did a lot of things to make my life easier when I go back to work. It's just a matter of a little forward planning, and for me, heaps of variety :)

Do you plan projects like I do? You should see my to-do's very long, what about yours?

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