Monday, 2 June 2014

Simple Living Sunday 28

It's the first day of winter and I am still wearing shorts and singlets. It has been the warmest Autumn I can remember, which has my garden a little confused, but I am reaping the benefits in terms of beautiful produce.

The corn is just starting to develop a cob.

The cape gooseberry has a few fruit developing. Very excited if I get to harvest these.

The cauliflower are showing a few signs of wilt, with a little yellowing of the leaves, so I gave them a good fertilising today with worm liquid.

The celery is coming along nicely.

The Spring onions have taken a long time to grow.

Can't wait for the first batch of passionfruit. They have stuck to their season as I always harvest in winter.

Rows of cauliflower, lettuce and silverbeet.

My corn patch.

Cabbages and brussel sprouts, with a few tomatoes. Needs a good weeding and another layer of mulch.

Kale and rainbow chard...and more cherry tomatoes.

A close up of the Russian Red pretty...and grown from seed. Yay!

I made a start on my 'no dig' edible food forest today. Wet newspaper and cardboard make up the first layer.

Then a layer of lucerne hay mixed with grass clippings, watered in well.

Next layer is compost and manure, with another dose of watering.

Then the final top layer of mulch. The end result is 30cm high but I will add more mulch next weekend to bring it up to about 50cm high...the level will reduce as the layers compost.

Puppy likes her new soft bed to laze around on.

The start of my permaculture understory...the arrowroot from the Yandina Community Gardens.

This shot shows how far my garden will encompass. Right up to the bottlebrush and jacaranda. It's a big, one step at a time.

I decided this corner bed was pretty useless and unsightly. 

These never really recovered from last years flood.

So I ripped them all out, and rearranged the edging.

Another new bed to plant some more edible produce. I have already planted the Pepino and nasturtium I got last week, and I have some amazing seeds which I will share with you tomorrow.

Did you have a busy weekend at your place? Are you still wearing summer clothes in Australia?

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