Monday, 23 June 2014

Simple Living Sunday 31

Another beautiful and busy weekend here in Tandur. My boys have transferred from the Army Cadets over to the Navy Cadets which are based here in Gympie, and they had their annual inspection parade on Saturday morning. We drove straight from there to the boy's rugby union game then we settled in for the rest of the weekend at home...just the way I like it! I am a little worried about my vegies getting frosted, but the forecast does not predict any here this week, so will just wait and see.

This is a close up shot of the plants growing in the middle of my lawn. When we first got the chooks this is where the tractor was, so it must be something I fed them, Any ideas?

I am waiting for the gooseberries to turn papery and drop off apparently. There are now four.

A yummy lettuce for lunches this week.

You can see the damage from the caterpillars but they now seem to be under control and this cabbage in the water tank garden is now starting to form.

The celery are growing well.

This is the finished extension to the side garden. Using the no dig approach works well, and it will be primed and ready for Spring planting.

I now want to extend it a little further.

The beans have finished now. They were not really successful in this spot, only a few every week from five plants. I will change the location of the trellis next planting.

The passionfruit have set but are not ripening so we will wait and see if they last through winter.

The next crop of cherry tomatoes have sprung up near the pumpkins. If they don't get frost I will have a year-round supply of them.

The lemons are now having their turn. I can see lemon chicken for dinner this week...and some juicing.

The first capsicum on this plant near the cabbages.

I did some dehydrating for the kids lunch boxes today. Kiwi Fruit, Apple...

...banana, and papaya.

A colourful selection.

I then added sugar and water to the scraps to make a fruit vinegar. Will keep you posted on this one.

I spent all of yesterday afternoon clearing and sorting out my pantry in preparation for the $21 challenge which I will talk about this week. It was an eye-opener to see the amount of wasted produce in there.

I hope you had a lovely weekend at your place. What did you get up to?

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