Monday, 18 August 2014

Simple Living Sunday 39

This weekend was a write off in terms of spending time in the garden and on my projects. Even if I wasn't running the boys around all day Saturday for football, the torrential rain (Yes, Rain!!) would have prevented me from getting stuck into it. The rain was very welcome though to fill the tanks a little and green up the farm after the frost.

Kale, pumpkin, spinach and citrus are the main items of produce from my garden every week now. The chooks have been laying well again and you can see the three different coloured eggs. My favourite layer Ivory has got a cough I noticed today so it's off to the feed barn tomorrow to see what I can get for her.

I keep missing the fine line between letting the broccoli grow bigger and it going to seed. I let this one go and the bees have been going crazy.

This is supposed to be brussel sprouts but I can't see any sprouting :)

Another small cabbage head survives.

This eggplant has 'regrowth' like the gooseberry so I will see what happens with it.

I was wondering if the mulberry tree would fruit again as it had an unusual season earlier this year. Well, it looks like I will have a few mulberries but not a full crop as I did not get a chance to trim the tree back.

Although the berries are out of focus, I have left this photo in as it is a great shot of the block and trees.

I read that a good thing for a sick chicken is clover and I found this patch yesterday, so hopefully that will help her. Apparently apple cider vinegar and garlic in the water can help too.

I lost the battle with my husband's arson tendancies. I will get the boys to dig the rest of the bladey grass out and I will have another garden to plant.

This Russian Red kale is amazing, almost a metre tall and has not stopped producing, even through the frosts.

The same plant I took a photo of last week, and now there is a little baby cauliflower under the leaves.

The lettuce seeds I planted last week are already beginning to sprout.

And so is the black mint which I got from Fair Dinkum Seeds.

Finally, I was asked to take a salad to a party yesterday and came up with this pumpkin, kale and quinoa one. It was very popular and used up some of the pumpkin and kale I have here. Recipe later this week.

I hope you had a lovely weekend and enjoy your week! What did you get up to at your place?

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