Monday, 17 November 2014

Simple Living Sunday 43

Well, it was hardly simple living today as we sweltered in 41 degree heat. Gympie Athletics went ahead with their planned athletics carnival, so needless to say we had a pretty tough day. It was lovely to come home, cool down and have a forage around the garden before dinner.

I managed to pick a few cape gooseberries. I am still trying to get the timing right for picking them. They are sweeter when they turn yellow but I find if I leave them too late then they dry out in the hot weather. So, apparently you can pick them green and let them ripen but I have found the tart taste of the greenish ones not unpleasant anyway. They taste very much like a mini tomato.

The squash are going crazy which is awesome. The two large ones I picked today will last me for the week.

Tomatoes (besides cherry) are not a great success here with the heat. This is a mini roma that I picked up at Bunnings on a clearance table for $1. Glad to see it is fruiting but the leaves are looking a little heat affected.

This tomato plant has been in the ground since the beginning of the year and has produced a few tomatoes so I let it keep going.

This indian lab-lab bean plant is now as tall as the squash.

My malabar chestnut looked dreadful after the frost so I am happy to see it is coming back.

The pigeon pea are really taking hold now.

This avocado had been struggling with the heat so I am really hoping for some rain.

Ironic that Paul's Pink Trumpet Tree is looking the best it ever has.

This young mandarin Lauren gave me for mothers day is finally starting to settle in.

I have had three large cucumbers from two vines and am pleased to see a few more growing.

The zucchini are growing well but some of them end up narrowed at the end.

I picked three kilos of cherry tomatoes and there are still tons more. The chooks love them.

We still have patches of green lawn but it is getting very dry here. You can see the running track the boys mowed and my budding food forest garden.

Another shot taken before dinner, facing the mountain.

My garlic was not a huge success but I did manage to get a few bulbs up to dry.

This is an old filing cabinet that I sprayed black. It sits in my kitchen and houses one of my addictions... jars! Can't wait until my Xmas break to start preserving again and will do a follow up post soon about the results from last years 'vacola fest'.

We had a welcome barbecue for dinner last night as it was way too hot to cook inside.

I threw together an exotic salad utilising my home grown and preserved produce which was amazing! Cucumber, cherry tomato, gooseberry, lychees and basil topped with homemade cherry tomato relish. Makes you feel absolutely wonderful to source a meal from your own produce.

This is a shot of the lychees I preserved last year and I will definitely be doing them again this year. They stayed firm and made a lovely sweet addition to balance the tartness of my salad.

So, that's my weekly round up. What have you been up to at your place?

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