Sunday, 29 September 2013

Wardrobe Declutter Part 1

I am ashamed to admit that this is the inside of my walk in robe. It is a never ending battle to keep tidy and as Paul and I are losing weight, we have far too many clothes. Every year I do a big spring cleanup, try on all my clothes, store the winter ones up the top and take a few bags to the op shop. We both have professional jobs so most of our clothing is work wear.

This is my side of the robe. I have four shelves for fold ups, two-tiered shoe racks and two rows of hanging space. Winter jackets and work suits take up a lot of room. There are also way too many pairs of shoes that I don't wear any more - some I have never worn :)

This is Paul's side which is way out of control. Because we both work full time he does his own ironing. I usually just hang the un-ironed shirts up for him to choose from and he irons every morning as part of his routine. However, he has so many shirts now that we need to do a major cull.

This is our storage area for unused items and momentos. Everything has just been tossed up there haphazardly and needs to be sorted.

I don't even know what is in these boxes...better get cracking.

I love the feeling when a job like this gets completed. It will save me time in the mornings getting ready for work and will increase my wellbeing just by walking into an uncluttered space every morning.

Will post my end result. I can see many hours of work here.


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