Sunday, 29 September 2013

Wardrobe Declutter 2

Today I feel like a Hollywood star. My new wardrobe is the stuff of dreams, like the ones featured in movies with perfectly organised clothing hanging in ordered rows. As a bonus I can even walk in and out without falling head-first into the chaos of discarded wrong-sized clothing. Ta-dah (drumroll) it is!

Hardly looks like the same space I posted yesterday. The shoes have all been matched (and a dozen pairs culled). Even had room to put Paul's shoes on the racks too. The rug was my Hollywood glamour touch and looks far more inviting here than it did leading into our ensuite bathroom. It also feels beautiful and soft beneath your feet.

I was particularly fastidious (some would call it anal) with my side of the wardrobe and ironed all of my skirts and pants. I tend to favour tops that don't require ironing and dresses that don't crease as I spend a lot of time sitting at my desk at work.

The area under Paul's jackets and pants is now completely cleared, and one of the shelves utilised for his vitamins which were cluttering up his bedside table.

I now know exactly what is up the top of my wardrobe. Everything was sorted and culled of useless clutter.

I even labelled boxes of clothing - too small, too big (yay! but will still keep just in case) and winter items.

 I like to do this every year - get in to the habit of storing my work clothes as outfits, complete with matching jewellery. It takes the indecision away, and the throwing on the floor of clothing that doesn't suit or doesn't fit. With my work dresses included, I now have twenty co-ordinated outfits hanging on one side of my wardrobe - that's four weeks worth! I knew I had a lot of clothes but until I lost weight I was only wearing one or two pants and skirts. I am now reaping the benefits of the gym work and the best thing is I don't need to spend a cent because so many of these outfits have not been worn for years.

To save space I have hooked the hanger for the top onto the hanger for the skirt/pants. This makes it less bulky on the railings and the outfit stays together.

So there you have it. The results of eight hours work. A happy contented mum with her posh wardrobe and a grateful Salvation Army who will be the beneficiary of six bags of quality clothing and shoes. What a load off my shoulders. I feel so unburdened that I am already planning next weekend's declutter.

Do you do a spring clean? How do you organise your wardrobe?

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