Monday, 11 November 2013

Menu Planning Monday 7

Welcome to the start of another week. We are expecting storms here in Gympie so I am cooking ahead just in case we lose power. Last week's menu plan was great, utilising the dahl I had made the week before, and I stuck to my budget of $130 grocery spend this week, making up for the $20 I spent over budget last week. The kids enjoyed the menu and didn't even query the extra beans and vegies in the dishes. I am not a great food photographer so please excuse the photos:

Monday - Chicken Curry

I used 500g chicken breast and 500ml of the dahl. To this I added a tin of coconut cream and some massaman curry paste. That's all. The rice took longer than the meal to cook.

Beef and Bean Burritos

I made a double serving of the mexican mince to be used over two nights. I used 1kg mince, a tin of canneloni beans (I would normally use kidney beans but did not have any), 1 litre of the dahl mix, a tin of tomatoes and a packet of mexican seasoning powder (burrito). I placed the mince on wholemeal wraps with cheese and toasted them in the sandwich maker. Served with salsa, light sour cream and avocado.

Mexican Chilli

The same mince from last night served with corn chips, avocado, salsa and light sour cream. I melted the cheese on the chips and mince, in the microwave.

Shepherds Pie

I browned 500g mince, added 500ml of the dahl, gravy powder and water. Then placed in a casserole dish with mashed potato, bacon and cheese on top.

 The boys loved this!

Beef Casserole

This was my favourite for the week. I browned 700g rump steak and an onion, then added 1 litre of dahl and gravy powder with 1 cup of water. I let it simmer on low for about 30 mins and served with rice.

So, there you have it. Five meals from one crockpot of vegetable leftovers. Now, this week's menu:

Monday - Coconut and Peanut Chicken with Couscous
Tuesday - Beef Tacos
Wednesday - Chicken Burritos with sour cream and salsa
Thursday - Spaghetti Bolognese
Friday - Lemon Pepper Fish with chips and salad
Saturday - Corned Beef with Mashed Potato and Vegies
Sunday - Almond Crusted Chicken with salad

I just had to share this fancy omelette with you - Zucchini Flower, Spinach and Parmesan. Beautiful combination of flavours. I just chopped the Zucchini Flowers and Spinach with some spring onion (all from my garden), cooked in butter then added the eggs (beaten with a little water). Yum!!

I hope you have a great week and share some yummy meals with your family! Would love some suggestions for my menu next week.

If you have a menu plan why not link up with Becci's Domestic Bliss. There is a great recipe for a cheap chow mein on her site today. I think I may be changing one of my planned meals for the week :)
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