Sunday, 17 November 2013

Simple Living Sunday 4

I hope you have had a wonderful weekend! Mine has been busy and extremely satisfying, as usual. You just can't beat time spent in the garden and kitchen, especially on Sunday night when you get to reflect on what you have achieved. The weather here has been crazy. Bushfire watch last week and major hail and storms this weekend. It's lovely to see some decent rainfall here.

My weekend pickings are finally showing a little more variety and colour. We still have heaps of spinach, kale, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers. The snow peas are coming to an end and the fellow at the back was a surprise find!

It turns out that my Zucchini's are actually Lebanese Squash. It was planted from a seed collection with six types of Zucchini and Squash. There were four big squash approx 15-20cm long which grew so quickly - one week! I have picked one and will harvest the rest during the week.

I have never eaten kale before and everyone raves about kale chips. I baked the kale in the oven with some olive oil and a sprinkle of salt. They were delicious! I would use a little less oil next time.

This is a section of the garden we have been working on for ages. The boys have put in a few hours to pay off an X-Box game they were after:

We finally got it to planting stage! Dug up, composted, top-soiled and planted. What an awesome Saturday afternoon. I took this photo before mulching to show the mounds and rows of tomatoes, carrots and cucumbers. This garden gets afternoon shade so will be ideal for our hot summer.

I just had to take another photo from the other angle :) The stepping stones are what we use as garden edging. Apparently they were once a concrete supermarket floor, and the previous owners of our farm started a garden wall up at the fish farm which we are dismantling. They will do the job just nicely...just in time for recycle week.

I found a nice sunny spot for my Comfrey

My Golden Zucchini finally started growing so the manual pollination is working. This guy is about 10cm long and due to pick this week.

Another plant with an identity crisis. These were not button squash so I am glad I didn't pick them small. It is actually a yellow scallop squash and is just starting to get a bright yellow colour. They apparently are ready to pick at 15cm diameter. These two are close to that.

This is a Patty Pan Squash. It's the only female on this plant so far. Hoping for more!

Some nice limes that will be perfect by Christmas day. 

A pumpkin plant on the lawn that is starting to take off.

I am so excited!!! I found another four rockmelons. One of the solicitors at work covers his with netting as he has rodents or birds eating them. Sounds like a good idea.

More strawberries. They are only small but very sweet. 

Couldn't resist this one to add to my exotic collection. A peanut plant! They grow under the soil and will be an experiment to say the least...but interesting.

Some success upstairs on the balcony garden. A beautiful chilli.

And some sunflower seedlings.

The toilet roll seedling garden has been progressing now that I have changed to seed raising mix and am using clear meat trays and bottle tops as greenhouses. More recycling!

So, there is my wonderful week at Tandur Farm. Have you had any successes in your garden? Do you know anything about growing peanuts?

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