Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Kids, Careers and Life

Kids grow up so quickly. One day you are pushing them in a stroller and the next they are starting school...then high school. I look at how much my boys have grown over the past twelve months and the whole adolescent thing has kind of caught me by surprise. In a months time they will turn fifteen and next year they will start Year 10. Already they are having to make decisions at school about what direction their life will take, so they know what subjects to select.

I remember having to make those same decisions at fifteen, and having absolutely no idea what I wanted to 'be'. For years (since I was a little girl) I wanted to be a nurse, and then when I did work experience I realised it wasn't for me...I became emotionally attached to a terminal patient and when she died I was devastated. I was too emotional to care for people only to lose them, and I absolutely admire the many wonderful nurses I know...it's a tough job. I have had many different careers in banking, pharmacy, medical and law, so I guess you really don't need to 'be' just one thing. I think it suits me to chop and change every now and then....I get bored and need new challenges.

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Earlier in the year the boys and I had a chat about where their life might lead them. They were involved with their local athletics team, physically fit and revelling in their outdoor subjects at school. One subject they particularly enjoyed was the Youth Action Program which involved bushwalks, mountain climbs, orienteering and surf camps. So, when I mentioned to them about the Army Cadets they were really keen to give it a go. The only problem was the program was full, and we have been on a waiting list for the year.

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But they finally have two places available and the boys have been accepted to start in the next intake in February! They are so damn excited. It's a big commitment for all of us as we will travel an hour down to Yandina every second Sunday to attend the Army Cadets from 8.30-3.30pm. But what an adventure they will have. The program includes, amongst other things:

  • Drill
  • Roping and rappelling
  • Obstacle Courses
  • Watermanship
  • Use of Service Firearms
  • Navigation
  • Living in the Field
  • First Aid
  • Ceremonial parades
  • Bivouacs
Sounds right up their alley. The main thing is they can try the Army on for size. It is a career path they are considering, so they can have a taste of it before they make any big decisions when they are older. They are also considering the possibility of working in the mining industry.

I already have my daughter, Lauren (19),  who pursued what she was born to do - hairdressing...and she loves it. 

She was lucky to find her passion so early in life. I can't say that my job is what I was born to do, but I am good at it, it pays the bills and allows me flexibility with my family...so it ticks all of my boxes for now. And I am fulfilling my creative side by doing my blog and pursuing simple living endeavours in my spare time.

Do you ever wonder what you could have 'been'? Do you think you missed the boat and would have done things differently, given the chance?

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