Tuesday, 3 December 2013

My Simple Xmas Gift List

My kids have been making lists of what they would like for Christmas. I ask them every year to give me one so that I can get them something from it, but I always choose a few surprises as well. I think it takes the fun away if you know everything you are going to receive....but then again it is rather practical. The kids only get two shots a year to receive something from their wish list (Xmas and birthday), so why not spend my money on exactly what they want, and not receive any complaints later...yes, there have been complaints when I choose.

This train of thought got me thinking...what would I put on a Xmas gift wish list, you know a list of things that I would like? Hmmm...besides a maid, a new car, Hugh Jackman, my house paid off and an overseas holiday (with Hugh Jackman)...well it is called a wish list right? Seriously though, even though I am trying to live a simpler life there are some things I do have on my wish list...mostly things that would help me with my goal of self sufficiency. I thought I would share my list in case you know someone just like me (God forbid) and don't know what to get them...and maybe just in the hope my family might see it. Click on the captions if you want more information.

Twin Compost Tumbler
Tumbling your compost aerates it and accelerates the composting process. The twin tumbler is a good idea because there is always a bin for new scraps (from my bokashi bucket) and one for established compost.

Meat Mincer
I have always wanted one of these so that I can make my own low fat mince - without the preservatives and other nasties I just don't want to know about.

Seed Sprouter
I enjoyed growing my own sprouts but the bottle only produced a small quantity. This would be ideal as you can grow several different sprouts at once. When I visited the herb farm I noticed they had large bags of sprouting seeds so that would be my next purchase if I got one of these!

Self Sufficiency - Isabell Shipard
Speaking of the herb farm, I absolutely love Isabell Shipard's herb book so I have added her self-sufficiency book to my wish list.

Gardening Australia Magazine Subscription
I have bought a few issues of this magazine at my local newsagents and have found it really interesting. Who would have thought I would read a gardening magazine? Times have changed!

Chicken Villa
This is a real luxury item on my list. I love this chook house design but I would really just be happy with some hard work spent on getting our old chook house up and running...hmmm....are you reading this Paul?

Gardening Australia Edible Gardens DVD
There is no surprise that this would be on my simple living Xmas gift list. I have heard this is a fabulous series and missed it when it was on TV. Bet there are heaps of useful tips for this novice gardener.

Green Harvest Gift Certificate

Green Harvest, who supply a huge range of seeds and gardening products have gift vouchers. I sure could easily spend up big there. Organic good quality seeds...no problem.

This last idea is an odd one but the kids could get them for me for free at the local fruit and veg shop. You can make these into magic self-watering gardens called wicked gardens. This is the link to the tutorial. http://www.abc.net.au/gardening/stories/s3885151.htm.

So, there you have it. A list of ideas if you know someone who is an avid or beginning gardener...or just wanting to start out on a simple living journey. I have already thought of many more things but this is a good start :)

Do you put out hints or make Christmas lists? I miss the kids posting off letters to Santa - I guess Santa accepts emails these days too?

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