Sunday, 1 December 2013

Simple Living Sunday 6

It has been a busy weekend catching up with family so I didn't achieve a lot of gardening nor housework. I got back from Brisbane today just in time to harvest the above vegetables for our meals this week. I will make another spinach and carrot slice for my work lunches, and maybe find something creative to do with my huge squash. Any suggestions?

This is my latest purchase and an early Christmas present for my myself. It is a bokashi bucket. When I first heard of these I knew I had to get one. It is basically a composter but the beauty is you can compost all food scraps - even meat, bread, onions, and citrus that you normally can't compost. You just put your scraps in, push them down with the trowel, spray a little of the microbe solution on and keep doing that until it's full. The liquid that forms can be diluted and used on the garden as fertiliser and the scraps themselves can be buried in the ground to enrich the soil. What a great invention. This way we get to use all of our food scraps, reducing our wastage and our rubbish.

I finally bought some brandy to soak my mixed fruit in for my planned Christmas cake. I will leave them soaking for at least a week...then read the next step in the recipe. I can't believe I have never made one before.

The Nasturtium in my balcony garden is finally starting to spread out and show some colour.

One of the first hibiscus flowers since it's recovery from the winter frost. They always remind me of hula girls.

This is the first time I have ever seen our little Jacaranda tree in flower.

My first Calendula flower...and something finds the leaves tasty.

The rockmelons are rather fascinating. They start off all smooth and shiny...

Then they start to get a little scaley...

Until they are covered in scales. Still not ready to pick yet but getting closer!

My beautiful Zucchini. The only one that has grown so far. Hopefully the one above it will grow as big.

I have tons of the lovely golden squash ready to pollinate...but sadly no male flowers at the moment. First time that has happened.

More cucumbers coming along.

This is one of the broccoli near the water tank which got attacked by little green grasshopper bugs. I have been spraying it with the garlic and chilli spray.

And now there is finally a little broccoli growing. I did not expect the plant to produce anything, so it is lovely to see that despite the bugs, it was determined to flower.

These are the bean seeds I planted last weekend to replace the snow peas. Amazing after just one week!

This is a photo of my compost patch. I wonder what these will turn out to be? Looks like maybe pumpkin or rockmelon.

I hope you have had a productive week in your garden too. Have you heard of a bokashi bucket before?

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