Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Five Kilos of Fun

As part of my Curves membership I am weighed and measured every month to keep me on track. Well, being the rebel I am, I managed to evade the girls last month...but not the case today.

I felt so naughty and guilty because every measurement was higher than last time (well the bust being an extra 5cm was the only welcome one) and poor Nicky did not know what to say. I could tell she wanted to chastise me but instead we set some goals and talked about my self indulgent holiday. We decided it's just a glitch in an otherwise successful fitness campaign...a five kilo one!

In October I was so proud of the fact that I had lost 8 kilos and I felt amazing! I could squeeze my abs and had no front tummy bulge. The girls were so proud of me and used me to promote the gym on occasion.

Gosh, I even strutted my stuff in front of everyone at the fashion parade for the Girls Night In...groan.
So my five kilo weight gain is embarrassing and I wanted to hide from the girls who had supported me when I lost it. My body fat has increased by 4% since November...a big jump. Five kilos may not seem like a huge weight gain to some, but I am a small build... and at my age I know just how hard it was to get rid of. Yet I let myself get in this situation again.

What is it with self sabotage? Everyone does it, we can turn a blind eye and ignore the issue if we want to...well my eyes are wide open again now. Christmas and the cruise are my excuses but now I need to look at where I went wrong...and fix it. The best way to do it is to go right back to the beginning and do what I first did to lose weight. Logical hey?

So, I am back to tracking my meals using the Curves Complete Program. I have made tonight's dinner already so I can eat when I get home from the gym...the time when I am starving!

The meals are healthy and filling. Last night was a chicken enchilada with homemade salsa and yoghurt (no sour cream anymore), and a salad. Yummo.

I am back to wearing my pedometer. I recorded 8000 steps yesterday so that it is a good start. As long as I do a decent walk at lunch time I should get to 10000 most days.

And I am back at the gym four nights a week. Mon to Thursday after work, no excuses. I still get home by 6.30 in time to prepare dinner.

So, there it is, not only have I planned the route I am going to take, I have made myself accountable by publishing it here and sharing it with you.

Wish me luck! Am I the only one pushing towards an extra dress size after Christmas?

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