Sunday, 23 February 2014

Simple Living Sunday 18

I absolutely love my Sundays at home. Last week we had our first session of Army cadets which takes me away from home all day. I have filled in all the forms to become an Army cadets volunteer so I can help out while I am down there. Until it all goes through the government channels, I will plan some excursions as its too far to drive home and back. I have a visit planned to an organic market next Sunday which should be fun. I picked the first Lemonade this week (the large yellow fruit), a few ripe lemons and limes, the last of the kale...and of course my staple cherry tomatoes :)

I am pleased to say the sprouts were a success and not too much bother. Filling with water 2-3 times a day was easy as I had it on the bench where I could see it easily. For some reason, one of the trays did not sprout.

Snow pea sprouts on top did well, although I had to cover them as it was a hot week with many flies.

The second tray was the mixed seeds supplied with the kit and some sprouted better than others.

This was the same mixture and did not sprout at all.

The best result was the alfalfa sprouts. I bought the seed at the health food store but I would probably put a little less in next time.

Some of the seeds I planted last week are already growing. It has been hard to keep them moist with our extreme heat this week, so hopefully they will thrive now it is a little cooler.

I was so excited to wake up to a grey sky this morning...sadly it did not bring the much needed rain, but it did provide a wonderful climate to get stuck into the garden.

I removed the shade cloth covering my squash and decided to get stuck into preparing this bed for planting next week.

There, all done with the clearing. I will dig it over next week, add some compost and mulch and then decide what to plant here this time...rotation is the key, I understand.

I decided to make a Super Sunday Smoothie for lunch today. I started with Baby beets, Brahmi, Lemon, Kale, Carrot, Nectarine, Ginger and Apples.

I put them all through the juicer and ended up with this beautiful frothy juice.

I then added some of my fresh juice to the blender with a banana, cinnamon, prune juice, whey and my homemade yoghurt...and a little more kale.

Voila...Super Sunday Smoothie. Rich with fruit and vegetable nutrition...and the brain food - Brahmi :)

The pumpkin vine took a battering with the heat last week but the pumpkins still seem to be growing bigger.

While I was making dinner tonight I baked these bacon and cheese muffins for lunchboxes. The third week I have stuck to my goal to bake something for lunchboxes...yay!

So, how was your weekend? Did you bake, make or create anything new?

Have a great week!! :)

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