Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Get a Free Five-Minute Blog Feedback Video

A few days ago I followed a link on my Facebook page by Techie Mum. As the name suggests, her site deals with anything techie and she has some amazing tips and app reviews if you have not visited her blog before. Anyway, the link I followed via Facebook was to Peek User Testing, a site that promises you a review of your website via a free five minute video.

I typed in my blog url, supplied my email address, and about half an hour later received an email link to my video...and it is so enlightening. Take a look:

I love how the person reviewing my blog followed a process, and I could physically see where they were clicking to, and the thought process involved in each decision of where to click to next. I also like the feedback regarding what I can do better and what I am already doing well...from a totally non-biased viewpoint.

If you have a blog or website, give it a go!! I'd love to hear what you thought of your video. Now I am off to fix those typos he mentioned :) Have fun!

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