Monday, 24 March 2014

Simple Living Sunday 22

It's been a lovely quiet weekend with the boys at their Army Cadets training camp. It is still hot here so I didn't get as much achieved yesterday as I would have liked. However, this morning I woke up early to beat the heat and plant out the lemon tree garden. I decided not to mulch until the seeds sprout, because even though I moved it aside when I planted the water tank garden, it still managed to get in the way of sprouting seeds.

These are the Blue Lake beans, about 7cm tall already, so off to a good start.

A couple of happy little sweet corn...

...this one is twice the size of the others.

Very happy to see the first few leeks sprouting.

A couple of purple cauliflower.

The first time I have grown peas. I usually grow snow peas but thought I'd give these a go.

Sadly, the baby pumpkin I showed you last week has not survived. Maybe that will be the last of them unless we get some rain this week.

The gum tree garden covered in a layer of leaves. I will get to this one later today to prepare it for kale, spinach and lettuce. Permaculture Noosa also advise that cucumber fares better in the shade in our climate, so I will plant a couple here as well.

The Hibiscus is feeling the effects of the heat, with leaves turning yellow and only a few flowers.

I made a healthy juice this morning...enough for a couple of days. I dilute it with whey and blend with my home made yoghurt to create a yummy and healthy protein smoothie.

The end result...what an amazing colour. The only way you will get me to eat beetroot :)

I cut my second pumpkin last night to have with our roast pork. I cured this one properly by sitting it out in the sun for two weeks. It hardened the shell and turned the flesh a beautiful orange. Can't get any better than that.

I whipped up a zucchini slice for my work lunches.

And made gourmet baked eggs for  breakfast in my new ramekins, using spinach and cherry tomatoes from my basket of goodies.

They turned out really yummy!

I started a cream cheese yesterday. It is currently hanging in cheesecloth, draining over a saucepan. I will see the end result later tonight. Fingers crossed it turns out okay. If it does I will post the recipe.

It is now later tonight and I am just finishing my post...look at that cream cheese! It is beautiful and I will be posting the recipe :)

So, what have you been up to at your place? Any tips for storing cut pumpkin?

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