Thursday, 10 April 2014

A-Z Simple Living: I = Inspiration

I started off my A-Z Challenge talking about awareness, and how I came to venture down this simple living path. Once I was aware that I needed to make some changes, I then found inspiration in so many people I met and resources I found online....people just like me, that started from scratch. Just this week I attended a Gympie Permaculture meeting and was inspired by the stories from so many different people. I learnt tips for growing tomatoes, I listened to devastating stories of drought and hail, and met clever people with some marvellous gardening innovations. Sometimes inspiration finds you, and other times you find it when you least expect to.

During this series I have mentioned a few online sources that have provided inspiration for me such as Debra Dane from Home Life Simplified, Natural New Age Mum, and The Organised Housewife. I realised that for this post I wanted to expand on this list and show you a few more of my favourite places to visit...places that provide constant sources of inspiration for me...ordinary people motivating me to pursue my dreams, by sharing theirs.

1. Down To Earth

It's no secret that I am fan of Rhonda Hetzel. She is, after all, the reason I started my blog, and the one who introduced me to simple living. She is an inspiration in that she turned her back on her corporate lifestyle and slowed down...with great success. Anything I think of trying, Rhonda has already shared it with us...and she has a great forum Simple Living Forums where you can connect with other like minds and share stories and advice.

2. The Greening of Gavin

I love Gavin's story and his no-nonsense approach to everything. In his own words, he basically had a green epiphany whilst watching a documentary and decided to change his life. He proceeded to replace his lawn with gardens...and everything snowballed from there. He now conducts workshops on soap and cheese making and is a regular on Melbourne radio and television. I also love his cheese blog Little Green Cheese. It is my cheese-making bible and will be referred to many times during the holidays.

3. Slow Your Home

I only found this site recently and have already gained so much from it. I was looking for inspiration for this A-Z challenge and googled A-Z Simple Living...and here I found Brooke who had already done an A-Z on this topic :) Better than that though is the simple living and decluttering advice she has. Sign up to her slow home bootcamp and get a daily email task.

4. My Simple Home

This is another site I discovered recently. Sarah Wilson is the author of "I Quit Sugar", a course of action she took to fight her autoimmune disease. Hers is a very inspiring story and you will also find some amazing recipes and advice on simplifying your home and making it more sustainable.

5. Sustainable Suburbia

I cannot go past mentioning Kirsten's site in this list. She has an amazing  FREE E-Book Less Toxic Living, which will absolutely open your eyes to the toxins we are exposed to in our everyday lives. Her blog is full of natural versus chemical based alternatives, reviews of everyday products and some very delicious clean-living recipes. A very inspiring lady.


These are just a few of my online inspirations at the moment. There are so many more, and it's a constantly evolving list as I meet new people and find inspiration in many different walks of life. And...judging by the 10 points in the list above most of us are inspirations to others also.

Who inspires you at the moment? I'd love to know :)

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