Sunday, 15 June 2014

Simple Living Sunday 30

Another beautiful Sunday and another beautiful basket of fresh goodies. Words can't describe the pleasure I get from strolling around my garden and checking out what has grown for the week. If I find just one thing I can add to a meal, then I am saving find even more is a bonus. I can't wait until the end of the year to see what goodies my garden expansion will bring.

The girls are another source of great pleasure for me. The two white and brown hens have completed my flock of eight chickens. They are both laying and this week I collected about twenty eggs from the four layers...imagine the spare eggs I will have when the four pullets start laying as well! It will be nice to have an egg main course every week...and save on the grocery bill.

This is our old dryer that went through the floods in 2011. I kept it because they make an excellent vermin-proof and weatherproof grain silo.

There are three pumpkins in this shot...can you spot them? Apparently my earlier lack of pumpkins was not unusual around here, however they are 'setting' very well now.

A baby brussel sprout in the making...fingers crossed.

Can you tell I have never grown cabbage before? I am facsinated at the various stages of development...and watching the heart take shape.

A few more small capsicum.

I am loving this Russian Red Kale. It has a finer texture than the common curly kale, and the red stems cook up beautifully in a stir fry.

The lemons are varying in quality, from these knobbly ones... perfect fruit. I think the tree is getting a little old.

The corn are growing well, and most of them have an ear or two.

Heaps of flowers on the eggplant that I hope will yield more fruit. 

My first sign of a beetroot. I was beginning to think they were not growing.

The Kiwano I planted in the hothouse are growing really well.

Some thyme, spring onions and eggplant also shooting up.

I didn't let the rain stop me planting more seeds (and sorting out my seed box) yesterday. A tarp on the kitchen table did the job and I now have more in my hothouse.

Every ten days I bottle up my Kombucha tea. You can see the carbonation in these bottles. I really enjoy this drink and my stomach problems have certainly settled down.

I also make my kefir daily, and my husband and I have it before work with a little of my vanilla protein powder in it. Paul calls it his yoghurt drink.

This patch of 'something' has sprouted in the middle of my lawn. Looks like some sort of lettuce maybe? Any ideas?

I have planted a few lab lab beans into the food forest now that the first section has had three weeks to settle. I made a hole in the mulch layers, down to the level of the cardboard, added some organic soil and planted the seeds...just a few to see how they fare.

The weather here is cooling down but there was still enough sun to raise the sourdough, ready for baking.

And cool enough to pop on a chicken casserole in the slow cooker for dinner tonight.

What fun have you been getting up to at your place?

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