Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Princess Lauren of Tandur

It's funny how, when your kids are growing up and getting into mischief and demanding so much of your time, you secretly (well maybe not so secretly) wish for the day when they will leave home and you can have your life back. Well, that day is a few years away for me yet (and I don't really know what kind of life I want back) but this week my oldest child is moving out, a week or so before turning twenty.

I am happy for her because she is excited about the opportunity to share a home with friends (and ADSL broadband which she would sell her brothers for to have here) and move on with the next 'big-girl' chapter of her life. She has signed her first lease, and I couldn't resist reminiscing over the past few years (by trolling through her Facebook photos) and sharing a few of those moments with you. Plus, I know these photos are safe (in terms of her not coming after me with a weapon) to post, as they are already public on her Facebook page. So, let's toast Princess Lauren of Tandur...

Her formal was a magic affair, the big dress (mail ordered from China), the expensive hair (extensions) and months of planning. But so totally worth the result. This is truly my favourite photo of Princess Lauren.

I was there for Lauren when she lost her best mate Chewy to a paralysis tick...

...and frowned at her choice of a permanent tribute to him.

I spent years paying off her braces on a single mum's income...and years putting up with her love/hate relationship with her brothers.

I watched her go through an Emo and gangster phase.

And encouraged her chosen career as a talented hairdresser with a penchant for changing her hair often...

From red...

To purple...

To brown.

I was there when she started drinking and going out clubbing ( not actually at the clubs of course...although a big part of me wanted to be there...to check up on her of course).

I helped her sort out the mess when she wrote off her much-loved first car...and thanked the Lord she was not badly injured.

We spent many hours over the years cleaning up after floods...and carting all of her books and stuff (man, so much stuff) upstairs. I won't miss that.

But her room always scrubbed up well...particularly with her own artworks. Princess Lauren's gallery of originals.

This is my favourite photo of us both, taken when she was fifteen. We had our moments back then (because all fifteen year old teenage girls have an instinctual desire to make their mother's life hell) but we came through it, closer than ever.

Gosh, and how lucky am I that she was my Maid of Honour. A very special memory.

I do, however, totally regret letting her get another dog...because my favourite little friend Bella will be moving out too. The boys say I will miss her more than I will miss Lauren, no never! Well, maybe....no...okay just a little, but we won't tell.

It is a weird feeling and I don't know what the house will be like without Princess Lauren...except a lot quieter and with less tantrums...and stuff. Oh well, at least I will gain a lunch date partner...if I shout of course! Love you Lozzie, and I will miss you :)

If you have had your kids leave home, how did you feel about it? And if you haven't reached this stage yet do you ever wish for the day when they move out...just a little, however fleeting? Hmmm I seem to recall just such a moment with the boys...when they poo-painted their room one morning. Yep, that will do it!

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