Monday, 30 June 2014

Simple Living Sunday 32

It was not a highly productive weekend here at the farm as we were overloaded with birthday celebrations. It has been cold, with a few light frosts this week and it was lovely to have a wander around the garden during the sun today.

I discovered that a few of the plants I thought were brussell sprouts...are actually broccoli.

And I am fighting an uphill battle with grasshoppers and caterpillars. This is the worst affected...totally decimated.

I now have a variety of lettuce to pick.

The peas were not a huge success but I did manage a handful.

And just when I thought the beans had finished...there are now a few more.

The gum tree garden has yielded some pest free kale...not as large as those near the chook pen.

The winter strawberries are still going strong.

I have these ugly tractor tyres lining the drive way and they are too large to remove... I am working at clearing around them and will grow something edible to creep over the top.

I covered all of my young fruit trees during the frosts this week but the chestnut is looking a little affected.

There is a lot of little funghi growing around the garlic.

Pumpkins are popping up everywhere.

But may not grow any bigger with the upcoming frosts.

I am hoping the mulberry will have another season.

And on a funny note, it appears that the laying hen I was sold with the chook tractor...has now turned into a rooster! :)

Hope you had a great week at your place. What did you get up to?

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