Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Angel Gowns Australia - Donate Your Wedding Dress!

I am home this week on leave from work, and have just unpacked my wedding dress to get it ready to donate to an amazing organisation called Angel Gowns Australia. I thought I would create this post and share what they are all about in case you have not heard of them, and in the hope that you think about donating your dress, or just spread the word around to others that such a beautiful non-profit organisation exists.

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In their own words Angel Gowns Australia are:

...a community organisation of volunteers who hope to touch the hearts of everyone in Australia especially those who suffer the tragic loss of their baby.

From donated wedding gowns we lovingly hand craft Angel Gowns which are then gifted to Neonatal Intensive Care Units, and Hospitals all around Australia for babies who are born sleeping and grow their wings far too soon.
With your help we will be able to gift our Angel Gowns to all Australian families when the most unimaginable loss happens.

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So, in a nutshell, what these beautiful women do is transform donated wedding gowns into stunning creations for babies who 'grow their wings too soon.' The dresses are sometimes donated by those who have lost a child, and some gowns are especially ordered and made from mother's wedding dresses for their own child.

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For me, I have not lost a child but know of many who have miscarried and would like to think that a little magic from my most special day would be passed on to a grieving family - courtesy of some amazing seamstress volunteers.

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When I mentioned to my husband that I was doing this he thought it was rather morbid, my wedding gown being remade to go into a coffin or to be cremated...but I see it differently, and so do many, many others. I will never wear it again, and chances are it will get donated to the salvo's or remain in it's memory box, but I think the scalloped design will make for beautiful angel gowns...and bring a smile to the faces of families who are grieving. Who could want more than that?

If you want to know more about Angel Gowns Australia or want to volunteer to be a seamstress (heaven knows I cannot sew at all), or even want to donate much needed funds for cards and angel pins, please checkout their Facebook Page and give them a like...you will be inspired by the daily posts, I guarantee it.

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