Tuesday, 4 November 2014

5 amazing things I have gained from Flood-Proof Mum

Over the past couple of months I have thought a lot about blogging and what it means to me. I had to give it a break for fear of writing too much negativity (and who wants to be known for that?) due to the process I was going through with my marriage breakup. But lately, through contact with the amazing people of the 'blogiverse' I have decided to embrace Flood-Proof Mum and today I am reflecting on the top 5 things that have happened as a result of my blog.

1. Inspiration

I started Flood-Proof Mum in the hope of connecting and sharing stories with other victims of flood. In twelve months I have achieved that and so much more. As well as gaining inspiration from others journeys I have also been overwhelmed by the number of times people have told me that I am an inspiration to them. It is something I never considered and an attribute that I humbly and gratefully acknowledge. It is an amazing thing to think that you inspire others by telling your story but it is a two-way street and that is the beauty of blogging - you can be inspired and inspiring at the same time.

2. Friendship


I never really knew what it was like to have online friends. I have had Facebook for many years but only connected regularly with those I already knew. Blogging is far superior to any form of social media. Through reading others blogs you get to know them (or the self they choose to share with you) and I have met many people whom I consider as kindred spirits with lives parallel to mine. Meeting some of these people in person is an experience I immensely look forward to. But it's not just the bloggers, many of my readers don't blog but share similar interests and I am honoured that we have connected. Thank you all especially for your beautiful and kind words during my sabbatical.

3. Reconnecting

A few months ago I received a text from a very dear friend with whom I had lost touch. Her name is Amanda and she was there with me when Lauren was born 20 years ago, and a beautiful bridesmaid at my first wedding. She found me through Flood-Proof Mum and recognised my photograph. It means the world to me that we will be able to catch up in person after so many years and share stories. I also think it is fate that she has come into my life now. I had to shut down the past couple of months and become a mushroom, it's my way of dealing with things...but I know that she understands, and I cannot wait to share Amanda with my family.

4. Recognition

I never set out to do anything major with Flood-Proof Mum. It is not a blog designed to make money or attract sponsors. It is my personal journey and a source of information on simple living in a flood prone property. It is also a great opportunity for me to hone my writing skills and share stories, so I was absolutely overwhelmed and honoured to have my blog archived on the National Libraries Database. It is now preserved and generations to come will be able to read my flood stories long after I am gone...hence why I did not want to be a misery-guts-woe-is-me blogger over the past month :)

5. Education

When I read my early posts I am always amazed at the array of skills and knowledge I have gained and shared. I have experimented with many simple living and gardening concepts and I so appreciate the fact that I recorded this information to look back on. My personal posts also reflect what I was going through at the time and I have designs to record more memories or memoirs, perhaps in another blog. There is also the wealth of knowledge I have gained from other bloggers, readers comments, and simple living forums. The sharing of information with friends is an experience I treasure.

So, there you have it. My top 5 amazing benefits gained from blogging. I would love to hear about yours if you blog, and if you don't I would love to know what you gain from reading others blogs.

Have an awesome day!

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