Sunday, 2 November 2014

Simple Living Sunday 41

I am finally back in the real world again. The last couple of months have been an absolute blur, and the things that have given me such pleasure over the past twelve months have sadly taken a back seat. Before my marriage break up I was excited about the array of seeds I would be planting but sadly I missed the boat whilst in mourning so am slowly trying to catch up and get some produce in the ground. Thankfully my soil and bed preparation has meant that I have some things going...but certainly not what I had planned. Life's like that at times :)

I ended up with my huge tree full of mulberries...and have been feeding the local bird population. Luckily they tend to stick to the top branches which I cannot reach, and as long as I pick early in the morning I usually end up with a decent bowlful...not the buckets I have been used to in previous years. The tree is due for a big cutting back soon.

I have spent time re-focussing on my diet and, on the recommendation of my doctor due to suspected lactose intolerance, have had to cut all dairy...which has meant quite a few of my simple living projects such as yoghurt and cheese-making have come to a standstill whilst we test the waters. My stomach initially felt healthy whilst drinking the kefir but after a couple of months it did not agree with me. My new diet which consists of non processed foods only is working wonders...and I am really appreciating the added flavour of my herbs.

I have many pots planted with coriander, basil, parsley, herb robert, gingko, thyme, rosemary and oregano...

...on the verandah outside the kitchen door for easy access whilst cooking.

This little fellow is a madagascar bean which I scored from one my permaculture friends.

I planted eggplant and capsicum seedlings as my diet tends towards the mediterranian flavours.

This is the cape gooseberry I planted last spring which I discovered will grow into quite a large bush.

it is already bearing a lot of fruit so i have designs to plant more in my food forest garden.

The roses have been quite spectacular, huge blossoms in vibrant colours.

...and a few smaller flowers have survived my neglect of the front gardens.

I always love the spring's a shame they are so short-lived.

The hibiscus always amazes me with it's hardiness. There was not a leaf left after the frost. Usually it gets chopped back but this year I left it and it is replenishing from the bottom up.

This photo is the start of my cucumber patch taken a couple of weeks ago.

More beautiful colour.

I have planted my usual zucchini which grows well here...

...and button squash which are starting to fruit. 

This plant is a pigeon pea, great for adding nutrients to the soil and what the permies call a chop-and-drop. They are used to shield small trees from harsh weather and  provide great mulch when cut back and left on the ground.

 This is finally the start of my indian lab-lab beans. I planted heaps of seeds but only a few are coming up.

I am also finally having some success with my comfrey. I tend to 'set and forget' about it so have had a few goes at it now.

This is the pepino I bought from the Yandina Community Gardens. I am hoping it will bear some summer fruit.

The grape vine which was hammered by the frost has come back beautifully. I am hoping to grow it up the poles and underneath the back verandah.

And you just gotta love these hardy little buggers...cherry tomatoes are back in town. My morning breakfast consists of my own eggs, tomatoes and kale. A beautiful organic way to start the day!

So, what's been going on at your place?

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