Sunday, 28 September 2014

Simple Living Sunday 40

Life has been busy lately with the boy's football and now athletic commitments so it has been nice to enjoy a rare weekend at home. I have been lacking motivation for the garden which I was so looking forward to planting this Spring. I am hoping that will return once I spend more time outside...and start embracing and accepting my life the way it is now. These posts always made me feel good about so myself so Simple Living Sunday is a start to finding my way back again.

The recent rains have done wonders for the mulberry tree. It is back in full form...and massive.

The branches are laden with berries...

...and judging by the various stages, I will be picking for a few weeks very shortly. Yummo!

The leafy greens have kept me going for most of this year. The kale is still plentiful, and I am loving this rainbow chard with my eggs...

...speaking of which, look at the amazing yellow colour in this omelette. The chooks have been a welcome addition to the household and I collect 3-4 eggs per day at the moment. Enough to have breakfast every day and pass on a dozen to my daughter when she comes over on Sundays.

The regular cherry tomato patch under the stairs is blooming again.

I have been slack with the greenhouse...once a day watering is not enough to keep the pots moist in the heat so I will stick to planting my seedlings upstairs on the balcony in summer.

The cape gooseberry has taken will eventually be a large shrub I discovered when I visited a permaculture farm last weekend.

The leeks are finally starting to look 'leek-ish'.

I harvested my first cauliflower and have a couple more growing. Controlling the caterpillars has been the biggest challenge. This is a purple cauliflower.

And a regular white one growing well.

The arrowroot in the food forest is starting to multiply...and add valuable nitrogen to the soil.

The mint is also spreading out...I am hoping to get some black mint going too.

The yard has been getting a big cleanup which included the fireplace. 

A welcome sight on Saturday night.

And a welcome sight on the way to work...dairy crow crossing.

That's the week at my place. What have you been up to at yours?

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