Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Christmas Holiday List

With my holidays only four days away I am starting to think of things that I really want to do on my break. I have come up with a mix of practical and indulgent items, and thought I would share some of them with you...just for fun.

Beautiful Gifts

I have saved all of the Christmas presents I have bought...to wrap up all at once. In beautiful packaging just like my Mum (Nanna Kerrie) always did. I love this part of Christmas.

Xmas Hampers

I am going to finish off my beautiful, fancy, gourmet Christmas hampers.

Christmas Shopping

I will shop for those last minute Christmas gifts...can't wait for that!

Wake UP Croissants

I will make leg ham and cheese croissants on Christmas morning...just like Mum always used to.

We will spend some quality family time at Rainbow Beach.

                   I will re-paint all of the grey railings which are chipped and magpie-poo stained.

We will mow our beautiful green lawns.

I will experiment again with making soap

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I may even extend myself to making candles.

I want to perfect making bread rolls so I can use them for the boys lunches.

I will spend a day scanning all of my old photos onto my hard drive and making up some albums with the photos salvaged from the first flood. 

I think I will make some more chutney...and maybe even tackle jam, which I have never made before.

The Anatomy Of Wings

The Anatomy of Wings...my Writing Group leader, Karen Foxlee's, world acclaimed novel...can't wait to read this!

Breaking Bad
 I will start another television series...Breaking Bad has been suggested,

Vampire Diaries

So has Vampire Diaries...

Revolution is another one I already have,

Gossip Girl

And so is Gossip Girl which my daughter Lauren loves.

Homeland OMG!!!

OMG!!!! This is my fav show. If you haven't seen it I totally recommend it. 


I will spend some quality time blogging...

Beginners Knitting

And maybe re-learn to knit...I used to know how once upon a less busy time

What about you...what are you up to during your holidays?

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