Friday, 20 December 2013

Thank You Kindred Spirits

I drove home from work today, my eyes barely open, my mind distracted and probably still sitting at my desk. I felt guilty, neglectful of my blog, yet lacking the brainpower to physically devise something worthwhile writing about. I felt like an all day sucker, those hard balls we'd buy from the vending machines as kids, turning the gold handle and holding our hands underneath to catch it. Just one ball that you would suck the life out of all day, until it was colourless, soft and ready to chew. Yep that sums up me right now!

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Don't get me wrong, I love my job. My boss is my second dad and I love working with him. But when it gets too busy it gets stressy. If I make a single mistake I could be the cause of someone not moving into their home before Xmas...thank goodness I have not made one yet. But just the thought of it, and the process of doing everything right, has really sucked out my mojo this week...yeah baby.


So, that's where you come in. I threw my bags down, disappointed that my hubby who is on holidays did not cook dinner, and, let's be honest, pissed off, that the boys had used every dish in the house and not even unpacked the dishwasher! I went to the fridge, grabbed a cold glass of champagne from a bottle I had hidden behind the lettuce, and decided well, stuff your dinner, I am gonna log on and check my blog - which I have neglected since Tuesday IBOT (and was kind of thinking that I was no good at it anyway because my confidence is down). I am so glad that I chose that moment to ponder life in front of an LED screen. Why? Because Cheryl  pointed out that we are kindred spirits!

Kindred Spirit

Kindred Spirits are two people that make a special connection by sharing a bond that has joined them by the means of an experience that has drawn them together on a higher level of consciousness. This connection can be from the same experience at the same time or two separate experiences similar in nature. Cheryl and I often comment on similar experiences, and seem to like the same I am on the same journey she was a while ago...and I love that insight and connection I have for someone I have never met.

That's when I realised what blogging is all about. I started this journey because I wanted to help people who had been flooded, to offer knowledge and advice,,,and counselling of sorts. But what I have realised is that what I get back from the people I have met means so much to is equally, and if not more so, important that the message I am trying to share. I have met so many kindred spirits, like Cheryl...and here are just a few of them:

Going Grey and Slightly Green

Nanna Chel, who I connected with straight away. She took a novice blogger under her wing, showed her the ropes, and has a beautiful blog herself.  The things I am trying to achieve, and the experiences I am going through, she has already done, or wants to try as well. Nanna Chel, you are like an aunt or mother, a soft soul, whom I know would be a great friend should we ever meet.

Renee from Mummy Wife Me who writes so eloquently and comments so insightfully that I feel I know her. I admire her gracefulness and gentleness with her children. She takes me back to when my kids were little.

Essentially Jess

Jess, from Essentially Jess who surprises me with her quirky way of thinking, and so many times I can relate to that on so many levels. Sometimes I just need to see the world from your point of view, and embrace life from a different angle. I relate to the deep level of your thoughts and the process that gets you from there to the pages of your blog. 

Have A Laugh On Me

Emily, from Have a Laugh On Me, who makes me smile, but who is also so very down to earth and just about brought me to tears with her comments today, wishing my family a Merry Christmas, embracing my tradition of croissants, and offering the xx after her comments. I can so imagine us getting very tipsy with a bottle of champagne one day....albeit balancing the glasses on our keyboards.

With Some Grace

Grace from With Some Grace, with her cheeky twin boys, the look in their eyes so similar to my own twin boys. I so relate to her experiences with them, and know what she has to look forward too....OMG Grace I feel for you...just jokes, well, maybe :)

Bake Play Smile

Lucy from Bake Play Smile, who I met so early on and who has supported my blog...and tempted me with so many beautiful that white Rocky Road...bad woman. You are my evil (in a good way) kindred spirit :)

One Mother Hen

Alicia from One Mother Hen...definitely a kindred spirit through our gardening and her encouragement in the early stages on my blog... your help was amazing and invaluable. Without you I would not still be doing this.

There are so many more wonderful souls I have met as I approach my three month anniversary ( I will have to do a follow up post!), my initiation into the world of blogging...and I know now that if I ever feel down, I just need to reach out and someone will be there...real or not, to offer some sort of comfort or advice to a complete (or maybe not so complete) stranger such as me.

Or....I can wait for my husband to come home and share his Christmas shopping hoard:

A string of Pink Flamingo lights for our niece who thinks of that?

Merry Christmas!

Oh...and kindred spirits I used the photos from your blogs so if you would prefer me to remove them just let me know. It just made more sense to show your faces/covers rather than just a link but I don't know what the etiquette is here :) Still a newbie.

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