Friday, 10 January 2014

Huge Holiday Hangover

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What is It?

It suddenly hit me today when the computer screen went blurry at work and I reached for the eye drops for the fifth time. I rolled my shoulders, stretched my neck which cracked and popped, rubbed my temples to ease the oncoming headache, sipped water to fight back the nausea...and realised I wasn't really sick at all...I was hungover, not from alcohol but from my holidays.

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It's not that they were physically taxing, because they weren't. It's not because I drank too much alcohol, which I didn't...well... maybe a little of that. I think I am hungover because I am craving the 'hair of the dog', wanting to go back to the solace of my home (considering it was hardly quiet with six kids, three dogs and a husband at home, that's one pretty mean craving). Like a hangover, I just don't want to be at work right now...but I know I have to pay the bills. I also know by next week it will be gone and I will be back in the swing of things. Thank Goodness!

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What are the Signs?

So, now that my positive attitude is back and I have correctly diagnosed my disorder, what are the classic signs that you are suffering from a huge holiday hangover like me? Well, I guess for everyone it's different but here are mine:

1. Finishing off an email with xxoo...uh oh that's not very professional, but that creepy client who rings you for no reason whatsoever several times a day, he might like it.

Creepy Pillow Guy

I have never seen a client look like this (not in my line of work anyway), but can you believe this came up in a search for creepy guys? Apparently he is creep pillow guy haha.

2. You start getting heart palpitations several times a day, not because a hunky guy walks past (now when does that ever happen at work? Never, but creepy pillow guy would do it!), but because your caffeine intake has tripled...or quadrupled. 

3. You answer the phone, "Hi" (Woops, welcome to blah blah blah)...and accidentally call your client mate...that was today...lucky he said nothing.

4. After lunch your eyes are just about falling out of your head and you wonder if anyone will walk in while you have a ten minute kip. I just keep my glasses on and pretend to look at my will ever know, right?

Maybe This would work?

5. That callous on your left foot, third toe in, which had softened up from wearing no shoes...well, it's back with a vengence...damn high heeled shoes.

6. Every half an hour (at least) you are looking for something to where is that fridge full of Christmas holiday goodies...major withdrawal symptons.

How Can we Cure It?

Well, it's not just as simple as popping a few panadol, downing a Berocca with a red bull chaser, or even spending some quality time in the presence of a porcelain bowl.

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Although...that would avoid a few of those calls from the creepy guy.

Seriously though, when I thought of my holiday hangover today and spent a bit of time with my mate (there I go again) Google, I discovered there have been many serious articles written about this syndrome and here is just a compilation summary of some of the things we can do to get over our hangover:

1. Exercise - to start shedding those extra Christmas kilos. Not just walking to the photocopier and back, real exercise, like walking at lunchtime or going to the gym after work. Check! Started back at the gym this week so ten points for me - yay.

2. Stop bingeing! Okay I will only take two snacks to work next week, not a selection.

3. Mentally prepare - plan to get back into your routine. I am trying but part of me is still protesting - the part that wants to curl up on the couch and watch the rest of The Vampire Diaries.

Sure am missing Stefan right about now :)

4. Post your holiday snaps to remember your happy times, and to make your friends jealous (seriously that's what someone suggested). Except, I didn't go anywhere...maybe next time when I go on my cruise. Yep, that's when I will make you jealous haha.

5. The best suggestion yet...plan another holiday. Yep that's me...two and half weeks until four days of sun and fun.

So, are you suffering from a holiday hangover or are you glad to be back at work? For those that don't work...I wish I was you :)

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