Sunday, 2 February 2014

Simple Living Sunday 15

Surpisingly my garden survived whilst I was gone. I knew the kids could not water from the bore and just crossed my fingers that we would get a little rain whilst we were gone. Apparently we did and it was not much, but at least a few things survived...and I got to pick our first pumpkin.

There are still a couple more beauties like this one on the vine.

They are not bright orange inside, more golden in colour and have a sweet taste similar to butternut.

And unfortunately I found a couple like this. Well on their way to growing up but passed away in childhood. RIP.

I am pleased to see there are still female flowers and I managed to dig around for a few males so maybe I can get a few more to grow. Fingers crossed.

My balcony garden has been really feeling the heat. I need to put a shade sail up on the second part of it to offer some protection from the full sun. The lemon grass has really grown though.

It was lovely to come home to a good crop of Roma tomatoes...

 ...and a few Grosse Lisse. Enough for a couple of salads this week.

The lemonade tree is going crazy with branches overladen with green fruit. Looking forward to these ripening up. They make wonderful juice.

This is the main source of my cherry tomatoes. I picked one kilo this weekend. I never water these plants and they grow underneath my stairs...and constantly produce.

Apologies for the upside down photo but Blogger is not co-operating with me today. Some beautiful hot red chillis. I will pick and dry some this week.

The squash plants are just hanging in there and are still flowering so I will water as long as I can.

I have spent some time this afternoon organising my blog with this great planner and a small diary to take to work. The link to the free planner is Blog Planner 2014.

I hope you have had a wonderful week and I would love to hear what you have been up to :)

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