Saturday, 12 April 2014

A-Z Simple Living: K = Kitchen

When I am not out in the garden or at work, I find I spend a lot more time now in my kitchen. So many of the hobbies and interests I now have, centre around this vital hub of our home. Now, my kitchen is certainly not something to write home to Mum about. It is a kitchen we fashioned when we had to relocate it upstairs due to the flooding. It just was not practical to maintain our large kitchen and dining area much as I loved that open space. Fridges and the like are difficult to move upstairs in the rain, and when we all move up there in a flood, we need a kitchen anyway.

My downstairs kitchen
One day, I dream of having a chef's kitchen, equipped with modern appliances, massive benchtops, a kitchen island...and every surface gleaming. Oh, and one of those fancy hanging pot things on the ceiling. Now, who wouldn't want to cook in a kitchen like that?

In actuality, all you really need from your kitchen is a space you feel comfortable in. A space where you know where everything is, and where there is a little order in amongst the chaos. I find that I have to work to keep it organised and I set myself some boundaries of always going to bed with the kitchen tidy, and always trying to leave it the same way when I go to work the next morning. It does not always go that way, but most days I hit the mark, and it makes me feel so peaceful knowing it is done, and I love walking into it when it is tidy and clean.

So, want to see my kitchen? These are some random shots:

It is one long room, leading off from the glass doors to the upstairs verandah. We have a small living area at the other end.

This is the sink side, with our dining table against the wall, You will note I have two pantries, and could really do with some overhead cupboards one day.

I try and keep my shelves as organised as possible, by using smaller shelves, baskets and boxes.

I need to get more containers for loose items. Most of my dry stuff ends up in glass cannisters on the top of the make more room inside.

The cupboards are steel fronted work benches suited for a man-cave toolshed, but they are waterproof and portable, which was a big consideration downstairs.

I have recently moved the clutter of ornaments out of the inlaid shelves, and replaced them with more useful items, such as my spices and glasses etc. And doesn't everyone have a few seedlings on their kitchen sink?

I would love to see these red pots hanging from the ceiling one day, but for now they live in a huge pull-out drawer.

The other side of my kitchen where all the work happens. I like to leave my breadmaker on the bench as it is used every couple of days (when I am in breadmaking mode). The 'window' opens right out and adds heaps of light to the room, but I pulled it down to take this photo.

And there is still plenty of space for food preparation. If I need to spread out I use the dining table also.

So. it's a little bit rustic, but it does the job and I have plans to add more cupboards...and a glass window :)

Do you like your kitchen? Or is it just a place to work...and then run away from?
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