Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Flood-Proof Mum has been Archived!

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Today I have decided to do something I don't do enough of....I am going to toot my own horn :)

When I first started Flood-Proof Mum in September last year, one of my primary goals was to connect with others who live in flood prone properties and to share the experiences and knowledge I have gained over the past six years of annual floods...in an effort to assist and offer support for other flood victims, and create awareness of the effects of flooding on a family. Since then, Flood-Proof Mum has become a very important part of my life. It is my personal journal and a special place to record my journey as I learn to tread more lightly on this earth, and appreciate the place in which I live, even with its flaws.

So, you can image how blown away I was when the Queensland State Library approached me, requesting to archive Flood-Proof Mum on the National Library of Australia's online database, Pandora. Mind you, I did have to figure out what it was first, but once I realised the significance of the request I could not believe that my little blog had been recognised as worthy of preserving on a national database. As described on their fact sheet, Pandora "is a selective archive containing copies of significant Australian online publications and web sites issued on the Internet.  The National Library of Australia and its partners are building the Archive to ensure long-term access to significant Australian documentary heritage that is published online."

Wow. What it means for me is that anyone searching the database in a state or national library will be able to access a regularly archived copy of my blog...and should my blog or myself no longer be around, then that copy will always be there. Scary thought isn't it...makes me wonder if there were some posts that were downright silly in there. Here is the link if you want to check it out Flood-Proof Mum on Pandora

So, why did they want Flood-Proof Mum on their database? According to the State Library of Queensland Guidelines, personal sites (“home pages”) will usually only be selected:
¨   if they provide information of significant research value about Queensland which is not available elsewhere
¨       if they are of exceptional quality or particular interest
¨       if they reflect Queensland regional, cultural and/or social diversity.

So my little Blog about the personal experiences of living in a flood prone property is considered 'an authoritative publication with long term research value', and in a category containing less than 1% of Australian online publications...and I could not be more proud, hence the trumpet blowing. In some small way, I have increased the avenues through which flood affected people (and those that just wish to know about it) can read about my experiences, and that puts me a step closer to one of my goals. It has also given me renewed vigour to persist with my Flood-Proof Friday posts.

So, there you have it, trumpet-blowing is over now...but I will add the Pandora link to my side bar, just to remind me I have achieved something :)

Any one else want to join in and blow their trumpet? Has anything great happened in your world lately?

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