Sunday, 11 May 2014

Simple Living Sunday 25 - Mothers Day!

Well, what a wonderful Mother's Day I had today. The sun was shining, I got spoilt...and I spent a day in the garden with all of my kids, plus my stepson and husband. Who could ask for better than that. Quality time together, and such a productive outcome. I'm sure we will all sleep well tonight. This is today's pickings. I am drying the hibiscus before the frost gets them, to make tea. A few peas and beans, my eggplant and some leafy greens...not a bad start to the season.

I planted some garlic I picked up at the Garden Expo last week. As the summer has been so long it is not too late to plant them...I hope.

I just made a hole in the mulch and pushed them down...pointy side up.

This is my lovely thoughtful gift from Paul. A hothouse...doubles as a sauna he reckons :). I have lots of seeds to plant and this will ensure they don't get too cold...or frosty.

The kids bought me a few fruit trees...a very interesting selection. A mandarin on the left...guess what the other two are.

How interesting is this one? A chestnut tree...I can see some research coming up :) The kids knew I wanted to get some nuts growing.

And a chocolate pudding tree...I have always wanted one of these. We didn't plant them today as I want to make sure I put them in the right position...and we had another project to work on:

We all got together to build a chook run for our new additions to the family. We decided to use this old gazebo which got caught in the floods and no longer folds up. It has been sitting in the paddock for a couple of years...and I still had the cover inside.

Little Bella thought we were making a sun shade just for her.

The boys did a good job digging the trenches.

And the chook wire was buried around the wood to stop any critters (and Bella's)  digging under. We pulled the chook wire off an enclosure up at our fish farm.

Meet Ebony and Ivory. They have been with us in the chook tractor for nearly two weeks and have not laid a single egg yet, so I hope the extra space will make them happy.

Almost finished, wood supports dug into the trenches.

Ta da...welcome to Chookie Palace. The tractor forms part of the boundary and I can just lift the lid without having to go inside the run to feed them or get the eggs. A quick and easy job for my morning chores.

They will sure make short work of that green grass tomorrow. They were in bed by the time we finished it today :)

I picked up these Thai Eggplant at the Asian Grocer this week for $1.....

...and my beautiful husband Paul is making me an exotic Asian Pork Stirfy....yummy! It's lovely to use up some produce from the garden again. He has had the pork marinating in ginger, garlic, soy and lime juice today...sure am loving the lime tree at the moment :)

Finally, this is another beautiful sunset from this week in my amazing part of the world. I love you and miss you Mum...but I bet you were smiling down on me today :)

Hope you all had a lovely day and for those who are Mums, I hope your Mothers Day was a special one.

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