Sunday, 18 May 2014

Simple Living Sunday 27

Another beautiful week here at my little piece of paradise. Citrus are still going crazy. On the left of the basket is the first lemonade of the season. I finally have enough beans to go with the vegies for dinner tonight and four different types of leafy vegies to make a fritatta...still no eggs from my chooks for that one though.

I discovered this caterpillar on my cauliflower earlier this week, so I removed the few I found and gave everything a good spray of chilli and garlic mix. Hopefully that will make some difference.

A brand new eggplant just waiting to grow.

The hibiscus have dried well. A few more days and I will start crushing them to store for tea. 

I am amazed this boysenberry survived the drought. It needed a trellis so I recycled some metal shelving we had hanging around. I will be stoked if I end up with some berries!

My four weeks was finally up and I could not wait to cut my cheese...and look how perfect it is! The flavour is a little strong which was surprising but it is awesome on barbecue shapes with homemade mango relish :)

We woke up to the smell of fresh bread from the breadmaker this morning...yum!!

I was given a huge bag of Jaboticaba's. They are commonly known as a brazillian grape.

The skin is tough and tart-flavoured, but the inside is just like a sweet grape. I am going to make some jam...wish me luck.

My beautiful daughter went to the markets this morning and brought home two more fruit trees. An avocado...and a beautiful Jaboticaba!!

I found this sneaky fellow in the long grass under the lime tree. Yay, more pumpkins!

The lime tree is going nuts, I picked up a dozen fruit off the ground.

This is the lemonade tree. The fruit are the size of a large orange.

Some nice colour from our ever resilient roses.

Yay!! This is the garlic I planted two weeks ago. The shoots are about 10cm high already. I have never grown garlic so it will be interesting.

My husband's favourite roses.

A few baby strawberries starting to show their faces.

 Beans, glorious beans!

I am loving all the varieties of kale. I just use it like spinach and add it to just about any dish.

Rainbow chard and curly kale growing well behind the lemon tree.

The mulberries are a sad story this year. As the tree is at the bottom of our block it did suffer from the freak early frost a couple of weeks ago. This normally would not be a problem as it never fruits until spring...but a warm summer brought the fruit on earlier than usual.

I am not expecting much from it now.

The most perfect lettuce I have ever grown :)

And finally some progress with the leeks.

And I just pulled this sour dough bread out of the oven...made with the starter from my workshop a couple of weeks ago. Very happy with the result.

 I hope you have had an awesome weekend at your place! What have you been up to?

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