Monday, 4 August 2014

Simple Living Sunday 36 & 37

I missed posting last week due to technical issues, so I am catching up his week with a two in one post. I have been on holidays this week and it has been wonderful catching up with some projects. Of course I did not get everything done on my list...but another week off in September should help with that. My main focus this week has been on getting garden beds ready for planting the first week of September. Yay! Can't wait for that. I have decided to focus on Spring and Summer vegie gardens as there just is not enough light during winter when you work full those damn caterpillars .

Today I dragged the juicer out and made up a bottle of vegie juice and a bottle of fruit juice, ready to make morning smoothies...I am giving up the coffee first thing in the morning, and I can add my brahmi, ginko and herb robert to the smoothie so I should have plenty of brainpower for work.

I got the Vacola out this week too...

...and made up a batch of pasta sauce. One dollar per jar - bargain.

One of my pullets laid her first egg, smaller than a quail egg, bless her!

I couldn't post without mentioning my pumpkin of course. Three weeks in the sun and they are beautiful and orange with hard skins, ready for storage.

I just had to make pumpkin soup of course...the best I have made.

I have several heads of broccoli now.

This was supposed to be a leek but is still very small...will leave it in just in case it decides to grow.

I have now extended the side garden out further, leaving more room for full-sun planting.

The lemonade tree has grown really big now, I can't reach that fruit up the top. I don't know why it is so close to the house though.

The frosted gooseberry has new growth at the bottom so hopefully it will survive.

I put together this basket with produce from my garden and the markets... give the wonderful lady who gave me her beautiful puppy Alfie. Isn't he gorgeous? I have really missed having a dog around when I do the gardening and little Alfie is just perfect.

So, I had a great week at the farm. How was your week?

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