Thursday, 6 November 2014

Thankful Thursday - My Boys

I made a decision recently to do a weekly gratitude post. My local Womens Health Centre had a free gratitude workshop which I attended a couple of weeks ago and it has had an amazing effect on my wellbeing. Talking and sharing with other women, under the guidance of an experienced facilitator, was a very special experience and is just one step along the way to help me appreciate that I am not to blame for life's current complications.

So, this week I am extremely thankful for being blessed with such beautiful twin boys, Lachlan and Cameron.

We recently had a very busy weekend when the boys qualified to represent Wide Bay at the state school athletics in Brisbane. Cameron was selected for triple jump.

Lachlan competed in the 400m. Both boys beat their personal bests and made their mum very proud.

Just competing in the main stadium at Nathan was a wonderful experience. This is the start of Lachlan's 400m and I couldn't get any closer to zoom in on my camera. He finished well and knocked 2 seconds off his best time.

I love this photo of Cameron mid-stride for his triple jump. He finished 10th in the state amongst a field of 25 athletes. Very well done.

He ran too fast for me the first time....I did not even get him in the frame :)

It was also great to share the experience with their long-term bestie Dallas. It certainly was fun sharing the experience with 3 teenage boys...

...their attention was constantly distracted by the many fit female athletes haha.

We have athletics in Gympie every Friday night and the boys compete most year they are talking me into competing in the veterans events and you just never know, maybe I will.

The boys and I are great friends and have grown closer since Paul left. I am blessed that they share so much of their lives with me and that we can talk about nearly everything. We are currently distributing resumes for jobs and in January they will both start driving so we have many more experiences and adventures to share. 

How lucky am I? Thanks for being my boys!


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