Monday, 10 November 2014

Simple Living Sunday 42

It was a hot and sunny weekend in my part of the world so not ideal for gardening. We also had the boys's regional athletics competition on Saturday which was an all-day event. The four boys did well and got through to state for all five of their events - looks like I am off to Brisbane again in December. Yesterday was spent harvesting, tidying and catching up on I did manage to declutter my wardrobe and purge more of Paul's stuff from the top of the wardrobe which made me feel really good. Every box I fill is comforting in some way.

It is lovely to see more variety in my basket now. I still pop a pumpkin in because I still have about 20 in storage which are keeping really well. I was so pleased to harvest a zucchini as these guys were elusive for me last season. My other squash did really well but I only got a few zucchini.

This second plant is not faring quite so well but I do need to plant more flowers to attract the bees to this side of the garden.

I harvested three cucumbers and left this one on a little too long so it is yellow. It won't be great for salads as the taste will be bitter but I will pickle it to avoid wastage.

This is my largest squash plant, in the food forest. I harvested a couple of small ones which had dropped off but now have a few large ones which have taken off.

In front of the squash is my one and only thriving LabLab bean. It is now knee high so I expect it will start producing soon.

I also have two healthy pigeon pea, despite planting a whole row. They are now thigh high and thriving.

This is Paul's pink trumpet tree which has recovered well from the frost and is looking better than it ever has.

The arrowroot has taken off near the Jaboticaba tree and is almost as tall.

I was fascinated with the growth of brussel sprouts. I don't think I will harvest many due to pests...

...but I love how they just bud all along the stem. I never knew that.

Happy to see I have an eggplant growing. This plant is from last season and I left it in to see what would happen.

Another shot of my cape gooseberries. There are heaps of them now, all in a row.

Finally, I found this little forgotten fellow under the lemon tree. Not a great position for it...the chooks went mad over the soft capsicum.

So, there is my quick garden tour for the weekend. When the sport settles down I will be looking at updating some previous simple living posts and projects, as well as getting stuck into some more. As a single mum, my boys are always my first priority. Bring on my two weeks off over Christmas!

So, what have you been up to at your place? Is your garden growing well?

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