Sunday, 13 October 2013

Weekend Gardening Update

Time for another gardening update. My vegie gardens have been up and running for over a month now and I reaped a few green rewards yesterday! A few pak choi started to flower so I picked those and also some silver beet and english spinach leaves. The spring onions are still going strong so I picked a couple of those, some basil and a lemon to make a stir fry. Not a huge haul but it's a start. The leftover spinach will be great with eggs for breakfast.

My English Spinach, Silverbeet and Celery. These all get full sun and have grown quickly.

I planted a few Broccoli in the water tank garden. These are twice the size of the ones I planted at the back of the gum tree garden.

The cucumbers have been slow to grow but are finally developing. This bed behind the lemon tree is prone to grass so I used weed mat here. Gave these some liquid organic fertiliser this morning.

The largest of my Zucchini plants. This one is thriving in the lemon tree garden. I took this photo yesterday and upon closer inspection this morning there are little Zucchini's growing already. Yay!

The pak choi before I harvested. It cooked up well and was not bitter. I was not sure when to pick but most say to harvest when it starts to flower. Any thoughts on that one?

The lettuce are still not full-size and a few of the underneath leaves are browning so not sure how long to leave them growing. Will they still get bigger?

My largest Big Red tomato plant is starting to fruit. I have tied them all up now to bamboo posts. The Roma tomato plants are still half the size of these so I hope they will start to develop more soon.

A little baby snow pea. Great feeling to see my plants starting to produce something. I thought these would need to grow bigger before being productive.

The nasturtiums have not done much at all. The bed does need weeding so will try and get to that this afternoon when it is cooler.

More spring bulbs. I will miss them when they finish flowering. Shame we have to wait all year for them.

The strawberries we rescued from the front garden are doing well and beginning to flower.

These are beetroot planted down the side of the house. Moved the mulch away from the plants this morning.

The citrus tree I cut back last week. Seems to be doing okay. Will keep an eye out for new growth.

The Aloe Vera I rescued last week seems happy. Has sprouted a new flower for me. Not sure whether I should mulch here or not? They seem to just thrive without too much fuss or bother.

The passionfruit I pulled down from the gum trees is looking very healthy with tons of new growth around the Gum Tree Garden.

My Gum Tree Garden for leafy greens. Spinach, Kale, Rhubarb and Silver Beet all doing well. I think I may have some possums enjoying the pak choi though. Will look into making a pest deterrant for the next batch.

My kale. The Gum Tree Garden does get alot of leaves which I move aside regularly to allow the water to get in.

Finally the dwarf beans which are finally starting to flower. Have put in more bamboo poles to support them. I love fresh beans so hoping these plants will grow a little bigger before producing.

So, there you have it! My vegie garden update. Not bad for a novice greenthumb, I think. There are successes and failures so I will learn from all of those. It was a great feeling using my own greens in my stir fry last night and I will post the recipe in due course.

Can't wait to be able to source an entire meal from scratch some day!

How are your vegies going? Any suggestions for my gardens?

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