Monday, 17 March 2014

Simple Living Sunday 21

Well, let's just pretend it is still Sunday...where did it go? We are having another heatwave here in Gympie so I did not get all the planting done that I wanted to do on Saturday. I am hoping it will cool down for this weekend where I have two full days at home and my boys are away at their Army Cadets training camp. Fingers crossed. Oh...and the eggs are not mine, they were given to me and are farm-fresh so I thought they would fill out the basket nicely :)

Despite the lack of water the limes are going crazy and I am collecting a dozen or so a week.

The lemons are almost there too. Just waiting to ripen. It has taken a long time to recover from last years flood.

I am hoping this will turn into another big pumpkin. I am pollinating like crazy with little success...

...most of them end up looking like this.

I am amazed that this squash just keeps on going. I have not tended to it for ages.

My newly planted seeds in the water tank garden.

A surprise find under the gum trees. My daughter Lauren planted her own garden when she was little with cuttings from her Nan's garden. I'm sure Valerie would be smiling from heaven to see this hibiscus bloom.

Out of focus but it's a cicada shell on my passionfruit. Wonder if that's why I have no flowers?

The aloe vera are looking very healthy.

The side garden which needs to be prepared for Autumn planting.

Pity it's the wrong season for Rockmelon. These two have popped up from a few seeds my husband left in a pot.

I decided to use some of my homemade yoghurt to make greek yoghurt - something I had not tried yet.

You just let it strain through cheesecloth for about two hours in the fridge.

And the result was just devine. Beautiful creamy yoghurt. I will be doing this with all my yoghurt now. It's also less sour than the natural yoghurt.

I bottled up some bircher muesli to have during the week. Old coffee jars are great for this, to avoid spillage in the fridge.

With all the limes I collected I decided to make lime juice cordial....and it tastes just like Bickfords! Will post the recipe later this week.

Finally, a beautiful card posted by a beautiful lady - Eva from The Multitasking Mummy. It certainly did brighten my day!! Thanks :)

So, now for another huge week at work. Bring on the weekend!!

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